Ad Production Requirements

Mechanical Specifications

  • Final trim: 8.125" wide x 10.75" tall

  • Binding: Saddle-stitched

  • Cover: Sheet fed on 100-lb. gloss text

  • Body: Sheet fed on 70-lb. gloss text
  • Line screen: 175

Advertising Specifications

Platform: Macintosh platform preferred

Preferred file format: Press optimized, Acrobat PDF/X-1a-compliant files are the preferred format for final artwork. Other acceptable applications are: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXpress. We do not accept ads created in Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Multi-Ad Creator or Corel Draw.

File transfer: All digital files should be provided on a CD or DVD and must be accompanied by a hard copy/proof of the finished product. Files may be uploaded to our FTP site; contact your local publisher for more information. Files transferred via FTP must be supplied as a PDF/X-1a file or source files must include a clearly labeled PDF “soft proof.”

Color: All images must be saved in CMYK format. Any RGB, Index or PMS colors must be converted to CMYK prior to submission of materials. Noncompliant images will automatically be converted to CMYK. Sunshine Media does not assume responsibility for any discrepancies that may occur as a result of the conversion.

Graphics: Raster images must be 350 ppi and saved in a TIFF or EPS format. Do not embed images in your source file without including those images separately (unless providing a PDF/X-1a file). Remove all embedded color profiles prior to saving files.

Fonts: Include all fonts with your source files. Adobe Type 1 fonts preferred. Include both printer and screen fonts. Font substitutions will be made for missing or noncompliant fonts. Sunshine Media does not assume responsibility for content errors due to these substitutions.

Charges: Submit final, approved artwork only. Production charges may apply to your supplied ads if they do not comply with our specifications. Charges are billed at an hourly rate with a half-hour minimum.

Multiple Markets

Each contracted market requires separate ad files and proofs.

Classified Ad Specifications

Classified ads are not available in all markets. Files accepted for classified ads must be in black and white, contain one logo and consist of no more than 25 words.

Digital File Storage

Digital files of supplied artwork will be archived for a 12-month period. Original artwork and storage media (CDs, DVDs, USB drives, etc.) will not be returned.

Insert Requirements

Insert size: 7.875" x 10.75" or smaller. Paper stock not to exceed 100-lb. text. Inserts count as one insertion toward frequency. All single-page inserts are tipped in. Ask your publisher for the correct quantity to supply. If you are interested in having a custom insert produced, please call Sunshine Media for a quote.

Shipping instructions: All inserts must be shipped prepaid and labeled with the magazine edition name, five-digit publication number (contact publisher for number), month of issue and total number of boxes.

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